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The Strasburg Model RR Club was founded by Dave Luciano and Barry Rosier in the early 1990's, The Strasburg Model Railroad Club is named after the very railroad that we've modeled, The Strasburg Railroad located in Strasburg, PA. The layout had a humble beginning and started out on a shelf in the garage of Dave's Voorhees, NJ home.The first version of the layout was constructed after over two years of research and scratchbuilding. Dave and Barry decided to attend a train show at the Cherry Hill, NJ armory. There they met a volunter from the Railroad Museum of Pennslyvania. He told us about the new building and the plans for the Pennsylvania Railroad Museum to start the annual "Pennslyvania Railroad Days," Dave had an idea. Why not approach the museum and see if they were interested in hosting the Strasburg Railroad layout? After all, the museum is located right across from the Strasburg Train Station in Lancaster County, Pa. The museum was thrilled, and Dave and Barry started building the layout in easily moveable modules. Each month the layout grew bigger and bigger until it reached its current garage busting size of 15 large crates. The exhibit has traveled all over the Delaware Valley and eventually was featured in the Greenburg Train Show. The notoriety attracted other like-minded train enthusiasts and the club was born. Dave and other club members, Rich Drobil in particular, constructed modular layouts of South Jersey railroads. These included the Woodbury to Glassboro, Atlantic City, and the Cape May Seashore Lines. The club began displaying other gages and maintains a sizable collection of G, O, S and HO trains. Some of the members specialize in Lionel trains. Currently, the mission of the club is to generate interest in model railroading, and in the history of all things rail --especially South Jersey rail. This is done through exhibits, this website and public awareness programs. There are currently ten active members in the club. They display all gauges of model trains and running exhibits at various train shows and other venues in the Delaware Valley.


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Check out the video from the Reading Greenburg show here.

Check out this new video from Train Control Systems. It's their new WOW Sound! sound decoder. It is amazing!

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